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Daniel Ruettiger wanted to play Notre Dame football…

He was 5’6″ and 165 lbs. Not exactly a physical specimen fit for the role.

And, if you’ve seen the movie, “Rudy”, you already know the story:

Kid has dream, Kid faces huge obstacles, Kid finally makes it into the last game of his career, Crowd goes wild, Americans everywhere cheer.


Or Boo?

What Rudy accomplished against all odds was truly inspiring… and makes for an awesome emotional flick.

However, here are the facts absent the story:

Kid has people in his life he seeks approval from, Kid thinks playing football for ND will get that approval, Kid is too small and does not have the skill, Kid is encouraged to do it anyway, Kid languishes on the practice squad, Kid dresses for his final game, Kid plays 3 plays in a game that is already won, Kid records a sack as his only stat.

What if Rudy was naturally a wonderful educator, or scientist, or engineer… and maybe could have won big by creating the next breakthrough  in one of those fields?

What if he applied that amazing work ethic to one of his strengths… rather than beating his head against the wall improving on what he was completely unsuited for?

Rudy is most of us… We’ve been told to work our weaknesses, when we should strengthen our strengths and outsource our weaknesses.

It doesn’t make sense to seek 1 sack in a game that you make no difference in…

Make a fucking difference.

You get to choose… so choose the game you can win big. You’ll impact more lives in a positive way. And that’s what it’s all about.