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Nearly 100% have ideas and are capable, yet…

At any given time, less than 5% of the population of any given country is entrepreneurial. This means that 5% are acting on their ideas while 95% are consuming the jobs, services, and products created by someone else’s ideas.

The world is truly divided into producers and consumers.

Who is more valuable to the world…

Would an employee have any task to perform in exchange for a check, or a government have any tax dollars in its coffers, if producers stopped producing?


The whole of the world runs on transactions. And, the genesis of those transactions is “Somebody created a product or service”. Someone risked their time and capital to bring their vision into reality.

Less than 5 in 100 can stomach this risk.

Less than 5 in 100 have accepted the responsibility for their income and value provision.

Bill Bernbach once said, “An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.”

And this is true.

We as entrepreneurs are the only ones whose ideas have a shot at being magic… Not because the the rest are not capable… because the rest are not willing.