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In the modern world, sometimes there is a tendency to want to rid ourselves of the proven “old ways”.

I see this all the time with marketing and was reminded of it again today while listening to Og Mandino tell the story of the Chinese who developed the idea of looking through a pinhole in an effort to correct their vision enough to see small objects or read text on the other side.

This does work… and will allow someone with vision so blurry they can not read a newspaper, to actually read newsprint.

And, naturally we mimic this by squinting when we seek to see something difficult for us to make out.

Its like the body knows… and it does.

There is something to the intelligence it gathers from its ancestral DNA.

Yet, technology made the pin hole obsolete by replacing it with glasses; not the idea. It’s just as valid as it has always been. Glasses… are the result of taking the root idea of holding something up to your eye, looking through it, and seeing clearly, to the max extent of the technology available using finely ground and polished glass.

Contrast that with marketing, for example…

When it comes to efficacy. To getting what you want. People in the marketing world tend to seek the new shiney object, whether it’s social media, websites, seo or paid ads… Soley for the sake of claiming use of them. While completely missing the underlying “old ideas” that make the marketing work.

You may have all the tools listed above, the latest marketing tech, yet if that tech doesn’t capture attention and tell a story of how you can solve someone’s problem with the value you bring to the marketplace, it is useless.

There is no better way than the proven way.

The proven way is all about human psychology… your ads or social media posts lead with a compelling statement, they then tell a story or provide helpful advice, which leads to someone who identifies with your story taking action to see if what you have is right for them.

The type of media is irrelevant. 

Magazines still sell, The Yellow Pages still sell, Radio and TV still sell, so why would the internet be any different?

It isn’t.

It’s just media.

Tell your story… Make it as long as necessary to inform and convince. I find interested clients on the CNP Website spending upwards of 20 minutes just reading and learning before they ever reach out.

As Dan Kennedy says, “Never dumb down and shorten your message to appeal to a larger fundamentally uninterested audience.”

Give whatever is required to the interested person, and your middle finger to anyone who isn’t.
NOTE: Here’s why the pin hole works!