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Greetings all! There has been longer than usual radio silence since my last message… largely due to me getting myself sorted around scheduling.

Alas… I’m back and I’m thinking of each of you and the wonders we can bring to life in this world!

I posted muy importante text to the HardWodder Instagram with a photo of myself, Mary, and Corey yesterday.

It was so muy importante that I wanted to share the full text and article with you guys… which also links to the study referenced on squadron performance due to “lowest common denominator” influences.


The point of yesterday’s post was that we rise to the level of our lowest common denominator… however, there was a larger lesson there for me which is this:

If as an individual, I am made aware that my personal performance of task X is creating a ceiling for my squad. Then, I have a responsibility to be more than last.

The activity within the context of the objective doesn’t matter… whether it’s being on time or holding myself accountable or performing pushups. My outcomes are important for the direction of the squad.

So, don’t be last… a lesson my high school coaches taught me, comes full circle. Turns out they knew more than just how to wear dated coach’s shorts up to their armpits, and dime store sunglasses.