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I had a POWERFUL lesson with my coach recently and I have to share this concept with you.

Inside our Warrior network, my coach posed: “TOLERANCE BEARS A COST”.

I replied with: “Intolerance bears a cost too, no?

My coach replied with: “DON’T WASTE MY ENERGY OR TIME… GO FIGURE IT OUT!”.

Ok, so how did you feel when you read my coach’s “don’t waste my time” comment?

Was it over the top? Too aggressive? Cold?

What was your internal emotional response…

Any “why did he talk to Jason that way?” Or “I wouldn’t have let him talk to me that way?” come up for you?

Note your internals around that comment. Just pause and really think on it.

Seriously, pause. And think.

Continuing on…

I replied with: “I’m not here to waste your time or mine, I asked the question because I wanted to know the importance around your comment. Feel free not to respond.”



What the fuck just happened?

I was pissed at the comment… my internal emotion was anger and I wanted to hit him with some of my infamous smartassery. I wanted to eat him up. I wanted to lash out and belittle him.


Because the story I told myself about the interaction was a negative story about Coach Sam being an asshole. Which was based only on my emotional response.

You had an emotional response too, what was it?

So switch gears now.

Here’s the story again, and this time I’m just going to give you the facts. Here they are…

Coach Sam made a post.
Jason made a post.
Coach Sam made a post.
Jason made a post.
Coach Sam made a post.

Now what is your emotional response around the facts? Is it different from the original… do you feel any negative emotions around the facts… not much there to create a trigger around.

This is an example of every human interaction.

Someone says, someone responds.
Someone says, someone responds.
Someone says, someone responds.

All the rest of it is just a story. One you make up based on your world view and self view. You’re upset, you’re happy as a clam… it just you telling yourself a story.

Most are unconsciously doing this, imagine the power of consciously choosing your story in all experience.

It’s not easy… you’ll need a tool. Yet, before that time comes you will have to first be aware. One class won’t get the job done, one week won’t either… it will require the daily commitment of a master.

I humble myself and strive to recognize this everyday, my stories are my power or they are my pain. It’s up to me.

What are you getting from this?