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Core Team Investment 17 – The Rule Of 10

Core Team Investment 17 – The Rule Of 10

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years” – Bill Gates

It has been my experience that to truly master any one thing, or to go to the next level in something takes roughly 10 years of practice.

I was reminded of this as I studied with Garret White this past year at Wake Up Warrior and most recently listening to Andy Frisella who built 1st Phorm into a 100MM dollar company.

In 7 to 10 years in each case.

Personally, a similar happenstance for me… I decided I wanted to be a millionaire by age 36 in my twenties… then, attained a 1.2MM net worth 10 years later.

Then, my ex and I parted ways and I lost almost everything. Not only that, but she sued 3 times over assets we had already agreed to split.

I was now out 40k in lawyer fees, I couldn’t sleep, I had zero familial support, no savings, and I had to sign over 70 acres of land in Georgia that we had purchased to build a home and ranch on.

As much as I hate to admit it, I had suicidal thoughts… during this time, I could totally understand why someone would put a bullet in their own skull.

I was literally sleeping on a cot in a rental property with no floor and I swore that in 5 years I would get back what I lost.

That was 2009.

I had to borrow money just to pay the bills.

I borrowed money to do all the PSI courses totaling over 15 thousand. I spent money I didn’t have on myself so I could create the life I wanted that didn’t exist.

I resigned myself to settle into the process.

2020 will be my 10th year since losing nearly everything.

I fully expect to have regained all my lost footing and then some by then. I have and control more property than I did in 09, but my cash position is shit. So depending on how you look at it maybe I got it back, yet maybe isn’t good enough for me.

10 years…

10 years committed to doing business and learning and growing, spending time in the presence of those who can shorten time frames, creating content, investing in my Queen and my partners along the way, getting fucked (not in a good way) by many I have worked with.

10 fucking years…

I have no intention of quitting.

Know this: On the daily, shit moves slow… Weekly shit moves slow… Monthly shit moves slow… But, consistent motion over time adds up huge!

Re-read the Gates quote.

It’s about patience in the process. Trusting the process you’re in and your skills to figure shit out.

CNP as CNP is almost 2 years old. The business will gross over 110k this year.

FSI as new FSI is 2 months old and we have much to accomplish.

HW as new HW is 6 weeks old and we have much to do.

HW One is not yet a thing, but soon will be.

10 fucking years is the commitment.

Patience and steady motion… NOT complacency, not apathy… is the requirement.

1>0 so celebrate any win you create, any step further down the path, any victory by any member of our merry band.

How will we build this out: By treating every customer as if he is our only customer. What would that look like in terms of service level… how much more likely is that person to advertise for us… to be our biggest fan.

I am here for each of you and I will keep running with all of you. I am committed to what we have discussed for at least 10 years. Are you?

Will you run with this group to create something amazing that you can be proud of for 10 years? Is that worth your energy and effort?

Core Team Investment 16 – Radical Transparency

Core Team Investment 16 – Radical Transparency

Ray Dalio is a guy you want to know about. Not only has he built the highest performing hedge fund at Bridgewater Associates… he has a policy of radical transparency.

This concept is one that will help our little family grow as the HWO 5, and has already helped the CNP 3.

One of the reasons I pushed for Corey and Mary to attend the PSI Basic was to give them power.

Power to know their emotional states and responses were entirely in their control.


Because I needed to surround myself with partners who were so powerful they could reflect my failings back to me in an authentic way.

We could collide. We could have an emotional response. And we could separate that from fact.

Facts and emotional responses are seldom congruent.

And so often we hurt those closest to us by lying. By withholding honest feedback for fear of awakening the emotional rage monster or the tearful sob story teller.

Fact: your emotional state is under your control.

So back to Ray…

Ray has built a system within Bridgewater of honest feedback which separates the person from the emotion…

See the video for how a fresh college grad with no real track record critiques Ray as a billionaire wealth manager.

It’s just a data point.

Bridgewater routinely records conversations and makes them available to all employees, again for the purpose of honest feedback.

Check out the full Ted Talk and let me know what you see… Can you find the value in knowing the honest way people feel about you and your actions?

Core Team Investment 15 – Remember The “Old Ways”

Core Team Investment 15 – Remember The “Old Ways”

In the modern world, sometimes there is a tendency to want to rid ourselves of the proven “old ways”.

I see this all the time with marketing and was reminded of it again today while listening to Og Mandino tell the story of the Chinese who developed the idea of looking through a pinhole in an effort to correct their vision enough to see small objects or read text on the other side.

This does work… and will allow someone with vision so blurry they can not read a newspaper, to actually read newsprint.

And, naturally we mimic this by squinting when we seek to see something difficult for us to make out.

Its like the body knows… and it does.

There is something to the intelligence it gathers from its ancestral DNA.

Yet, technology made the pin hole obsolete by replacing it with glasses; not the idea. It’s just as valid as it has always been. Glasses… are the result of taking the root idea of holding something up to your eye, looking through it, and seeing clearly, to the max extent of the technology available using finely ground and polished glass.

Contrast that with marketing, for example…

When it comes to efficacy. To getting what you want. People in the marketing world tend to seek the new shiney object, whether it’s social media, websites, seo or paid ads… Soley for the sake of claiming use of them. While completely missing the underlying “old ideas” that make the marketing work.

You may have all the tools listed above, the latest marketing tech, yet if that tech doesn’t capture attention and tell a story of how you can solve someone’s problem with the value you bring to the marketplace, it is useless.

There is no better way than the proven way.

The proven way is all about human psychology… your ads or social media posts lead with a compelling statement, they then tell a story or provide helpful advice, which leads to someone who identifies with your story taking action to see if what you have is right for them.

The type of media is irrelevant. 

Magazines still sell, The Yellow Pages still sell, Radio and TV still sell, so why would the internet be any different?

It isn’t.

It’s just media.

Tell your story… Make it as long as necessary to inform and convince. I find interested clients on the CNP Website spending upwards of 20 minutes just reading and learning before they ever reach out.

As Dan Kennedy says, “Never dumb down and shorten your message to appeal to a larger fundamentally uninterested audience.”

Give whatever is required to the interested person, and your middle finger to anyone who isn’t.
NOTE: Here’s why the pin hole works!

Core Team Investment 14 – Using AWeber To Create Broadcast Emails


Greetings all! Recently we have been having discussions around creating regular communications with our gym members using email… And, to that end, I have put together a screen cast on how to do just that.

Key Points:

  1. Make the subject line sell the click
  2. Tell a story in the body with calls to action
  3. Make the column of text narrow
  4. Send a test
  5. Schedule or Send the email
  6. Track your results.

Be sure to check it out and hit me up with any questions or comments below. I will respond as soon as possible and take care of you.

P.S. if you are in need of an AWeber Account for your business, you can get one here: .


Core Team Investment 13 – Don’t Be Last

Core Team Investment 13 – Don’t Be Last

Greetings all! There has been longer than usual radio silence since my last message… largely due to me getting myself sorted around scheduling.

Alas… I’m back and I’m thinking of each of you and the wonders we can bring to life in this world!

I posted muy importante text to the HardWodder Instagram with a photo of myself, Mary, and Corey yesterday.

It was so muy importante that I wanted to share the full text and article with you guys… which also links to the study referenced on squadron performance due to “lowest common denominator” influences.


The point of yesterday’s post was that we rise to the level of our lowest common denominator… however, there was a larger lesson there for me which is this:

If as an individual, I am made aware that my personal performance of task X is creating a ceiling for my squad. Then, I have a responsibility to be more than last.

The activity within the context of the objective doesn’t matter… whether it’s being on time or holding myself accountable or performing pushups. My outcomes are important for the direction of the squad.

So, don’t be last… a lesson my high school coaches taught me, comes full circle. Turns out they knew more than just how to wear dated coach’s shorts up to their armpits, and dime store sunglasses.