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12 Rules For Life: Life Lies

Life Lies Exist For The Following Reasons:

Impose ideological beliefs.
Prove that I am or was right.
Appear competent.
Ratchet myself up the dominance hierarchy.
Avoid responsibility.
Garner credit for others actions.
Be promoted
Attract attention
Ensure others like me
Garner the benefits of martyrdom
Justify my cinicism.
Rationalize my antisocial outlook.
Minimize conflict
Maintain my naivety
Capitalize on my vulnerability.
Always appear as the sainted one.
Ensure that it is always my unloved child’s fault.

Attempting to manipulate reality with perception, thought, and action so that only some narrowly desired and predefined outcome is allowed to exist.

Based on:
1. Current knowledge is sufficient to define what is good. Unquestioningly.
2. Reality would be unbearable if left to it’s own devices.

From 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson.