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Sarcone And Waeber’s Rules To Puzzle Solving

Sarcone & Waeber’s rules to puzzle solving offer a wonderfully simply series of ideas to consider when approaching any problem.

  • Nothing is as difficult as it looks.
  • Nothing is as easy as it looks.
  • Read the instructions carefully in order to avoid giving the right answer to the wrong puzzle.
  • Human languages were not ‘designed’ for logical clarity. Remember that each topic within math (or within any field) has its own tricky phrases.
  • Recognize clearly what you have to search for, what data is useful and what are the relationships between the searched result and the data.
  • Misdirection is very common in puzzles. Expert puzzle authors always try to lead people’s minds along false trails.
  • Elements that appear to have no relevance may be fundamental and vice versa.
  • Omissions (what is not written or said) are sometimes as important as the instructions given.
  • Beware of subconscious restrictions and mental blocks, try to depart from the norms and stereotypes and look beyond the boundaries of a problem.
  • Break a complex puzzle into smaller, manageable parts.
  • Ensure that the puzzle has been considered from all points of view.
  • In logic, correlation does not always imply causation, that is:
    – Correlated elements or events are not necessarily related. Some could be just coincidence.
    – Likewise, correlated events may have a common cause. In fact, some correlations may not be relations between cause and effect but represent two effects of some other cause.
    – Either of two correlated events may cause the other.
  • Sometimes, to understand a problem, you’ll need to use collective intelligence. Do not hesitate to ask someone else to help you.
  • Use your intuition and deliberately try to find other ways to solve a puzzle.
  • Sometimes, the solution is what causes the problem. Avoid finding solutions to nonexistent problems, and never fix what is not broken.
  • Enjoy making mistakes. Regard them as important and fruitful stages on the road to success.
  • Be persistent, the joy of achievement is greater when it is preceded by a tough creative effort!
  • Puzzles always have one, several or no solutions.
  • Fortunately, there are sometimes acceptable alternative solutions to problems/puzzles with no solutions. In this case, non-standard or indirect but creative approaches can be very useful.

12 Rules For Life: Life Lies

Life Lies Exist For The Following Reasons:

Impose ideological beliefs.
Prove that I am or was right.
Appear competent.
Ratchet myself up the dominance hierarchy.
Avoid responsibility.
Garner credit for others actions.
Be promoted
Attract attention
Ensure others like me
Garner the benefits of martyrdom
Justify my cinicism.
Rationalize my antisocial outlook.
Minimize conflict
Maintain my naivety
Capitalize on my vulnerability.
Always appear as the sainted one.
Ensure that it is always my unloved child’s fault.

Attempting to manipulate reality with perception, thought, and action so that only some narrowly desired and predefined outcome is allowed to exist.

Based on:
1. Current knowledge is sufficient to define what is good. Unquestioningly.
2. Reality would be unbearable if left to it’s own devices.

From 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably deal with.”

Anthony Jay “Tony” Robbins (born Anthony J. Mahavoric | American Author Entrepreneur, Philanthropist And Life Coach.

DTHT Episode 15 – Influence Yourself First

Podcast Opening:

Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 15. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker, leader of self | full time student and part time teacher of self mastery, and today’s theme is “Influence Yourself First”.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…

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Summary Description:

Have you ever started down a path that you felt held a great deal of meaning for you, and then for whatever reason you could not move toward the outcome you wanted to create? Whether it was a Mental, Physical, or Spiritual target you sought, it didn’t matter… there was a part of you that refused to move. This podcast is born from specific idea. Do The Hard Thing is an exploration in human movement.

Podcast Content:

I have been many things in my life… and ego manic is certainly one of them. Especially as an younger man. I wanted to have an impact on those around me and the world at large, but didn’t realize the first step in doing that is dealing with me. Influencing myself positively. And, some of you listening to this right now might want to change the world… when, really you need to change yourself.

Everything you want radiates from you. So the process begins inside. This is a process of influencing yourself.

When I first started down my path toward personal development and business, I just knew there was a trick to getting what I wanted. Some secret existed outside of me that would magically propel me forward if I only knew what it was… And, I had to find this magic no matter the cost.

This put me on the path toward purchasing business courses, marketing courses, and personal development experiences. And, I invested tens of thousands of dollars in these places with the idea that one of them would hold the golden ticket I needed to take everything to the next level.

And this thinking was both right and wrong.

Here’s what I mean by that: When I finally took the plunge and bought into my first course… it was the PSI Basic Seminar. It consisted of two four hour nights followed by two full days of training. The cost was about 600 dollars per person, and I could re-audit the course as many times as I wanted at no cost forever. Sweet deal.

Sweet deal indeed if you live in an abundance mindset. Even though I knew this would be a good use of time and dollars, I passed on the opportunity when it was first offered to me.


Because I was the king of cheap bastards. I could buy a lot of dirt bike parts with that six bills. And, would routinely do so without batting an eye. After all, what kind of desperate moron spends money to go to a seminar that the internet says is a cult?

The internet is always right. Right? Pay money to throw myself into a cult… no thanks.

So I passed.

Then my phone rang a few days later… and someone on the other end offered me a two for one on the price. Next thing I knew, the girlfriend and I were begrudgingly signed up and all set to attend the Basic Seminar in December of 2008.

And, that was the beginning of my formal introduction to human development. I would go on to spend another 20+ grand in the next year alone on advanced courses and travel to and from.

Notice what had to happen here.

I had to get out of my own way. My scarcity mindset around money almost cost me the last 10 years of accelerated advancement of my self and my businesses and my relationship with my wife.

The first person I had to influence was me.

And, that is a damn near impossible task when you only see the world through your own set of eyes. Even worse, most people do not even use their own eyes… they simply accept as fact all the stories they get from other people, the news media, or their favorite internet platform.

Think about it… how many times to do you hear something from a friend, read a headline or get 30 seconds of soundbites and make up a story in your head that you have the truth? If you follow partisan politics for example, or are outraged at this administration or that president, this type of experience is especially glaring.

How many times would you say someone actually dedicated time from their day to read and verify what they’ve heard… It can’t be many, just judging from the sheer amount of random garbage posted everywhere.

You lose influence over yourself in these situations, and you begin to shape your own reality from third hand “information” (and I use that term loosely) that may or may not be factual.

So how then do I influence myself?

It simply starts with getting the facts… Notice, I said facts, not truth. There is a huge difference.

Imagine, I draw a number 6 on a table in a room when you are not there. Then, I invite you to sit on the side of the table closest to the top side of the 6 so that when you look down, you see a 9. Then I bring in my friend, Corey and sit him on the side of the table closest to the bottom side of the 6 so that when he looks down he sees a 6.

I then ask each of you to tell me the number you see. You say 9 and Corey says 6… and both answers are truth from your perspectives.

But if I ask you to tell me with 100% certainty, whether I meant the number to be 6 or 9 when I wrote it, could you give me a factual answer? After all, neither of you were there! So even though the number you see is true from your perspective, you don’t have any facts you can use to settle the argument over whether the number is actually a 6 or a 9 without getting more information from me.

So, arguing the point would be pointless.

You can see where I’m going with this, your truth from your perspective is relative to your perspective. The facts, however, don’t change. We want to operate from fact…

To gain influence over myself, I have to stop lying to myself about where I am. I can not pretend that I know how I’m showing up for my wife, my business partners, or in any other capacity without some form of factual tracking or feedback from a third party that isn’t viewing the situation I want to impact from my set of eyes.

It has been demonstrated that humans are notoriously wrong when it comes to accurate self assessment. We tend to have what’s called a “Self- Serving Bias”… meaning we tend to look more favorably on ourselves than we otherwise would if we had the facts about our performance.

Facts tend to be black and white, measurable, and clear.

Like this: I have meditated 75 minutes this week. I have lost 42lbs in the last 90 days. I sold 14 new memberships this month. I sent my wife 1 note everyday for the last year.

All of these things represent a standard that one can measure themselves against.

So put this in action, if I claim to want to make 150K as a real estate agent this year (In other words create this result or externality for myself)… with the average commission being 6K, I need to sell 1 house every 2 weeks.

Well, that won’t just happen. I have to make it happen. So how to I influence myself to create the externality?

Assuming it takes 50 leads to get one deal… the question I have to answer is what do I have to do to get 50 leads every 2 weeks? Maybe I have to spend $1000 on ads, do one networking event each week, and follow up with 100 prospects. And, that will give me 50 solid leads and 1 closed deal.

That’s a lot of work to get 1 sale.

And, you don’t feel well today… and the kids kept you up… and the weather was crap… and so on and so forth. What happens to your ability to influence yourself in these circumstances. Can you maintain it or not?

Your ability to influence yourself to move anyway on the daily activity will create your externality… and this is true of any externality you seek. Making a larger impact in your finanaces or business is just one example of how influence over yourself leads to bigger things. And, if you want to influence others… you have to honor the work necessary to influence you first.

Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google Play, Castbox, or Stitcher | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Now… go, and DO THE HARD THING.

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Core Team Investment 18

Core Team Investment 18

NOTE: Important Quoted Passage At The End Of This Message.

Let go of ego… you are never going to be perfect or right all the time. Thinking otherwise is literal insanity.

Holding onto the emotion tied to your ego is not only a heavy fucking burden, it is self righteousness of the highest order.

I cried my eyes out back in February when I realized how much I felt bound to personally. It was one of the first lessons that hit me like a ton of bricks when I entered the Warrior program… And, it was not my first exposure to the concept. I’ve been through the work repeatedly and hadn’t internalized the importance.

And neither will you… All exceptional performance requires repetition. You cannot reveal your max potential in the gym after one session, everyone knows this and would consider anything contrary ridiculous… yet, when it comes to personal performance, there is a tendency to think “I know” after one class or one book or one video. (Get your ass into the next book, class, or event asap. Hell, invite me to go with you!)

Not possible. Performance in all areas has to be consistent. A daily act of small steps toward a larger, measurable end game.

All my life I’ve been told to be less direct, less intimidating, less forthright and less of who I am at my core.

At work one time, I reprimanded an employee with my manager at the time and the employee got upset… The manager pulled me aside and told me that I was too intimidating. When I asked what specific thing I did, he told me it wasn’t what I did… it was that because I was 6’2″ and a bigger guy, that anything I said would be perceived as more intimidating than if done by another. So, he basically said this: “I know its your job to reprimand and correct behavior, but don’t do your job because your physicality makes other people feel small.”

I could not shrink myself physically, right?

So, I began shrinking myself in other ways… I withdrew. I faded into the background.

I genuinely hate it when people feel badly about anything… so, at that time in my life as a younger man i thought to myself why be the cause of that?

So… I began to feel it was on me to ensure other people’s happiness, to make sure other people’s feathers are never ruffled, and to smooth out upset in other people.

Later in life after some self exploration, I would learn the reality is all of that is none of my business. I am responsible for me and my emotional state alone… as are you. In fact, that is all any of us can control: Ourselves. When we lose that, we’ve lost everything in that moment.

This does not mean I have a right to intentionally upset someone, it means that I have a responsibility to invest in effective ways to get the best out of people using my skillsets, personality, and training.

Recognizing that fear, anger, and upset in ourselves and in others is just projection, deflection, and a refusal to look inward and face the real problem… is the only problem.

When anyone is in this state, it is never about what they claim it to be about, it is always about them. Their bullshit story and personal weakness…

Why? Because human beings have no concept of how they perform or show up unless objectively tracked and verified.

So be easy… love the person under the ego and shine light for anyone operating in the dark. For it will be you soon enough in that place… and, we are all in the dark when we choose into the game of expansion and growth.

The following is from “Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts | Becoming the Person You Want to Be” by Mark Reiter and Marshall Goldsmith

We are notoriously inaccurate in assessing ourselves. Among the more than 80,000 professionals I’ve asked to rate their performance, 70 percent believe they are in the top 10 percent of their peer group, 82 percent believe that they are in the top fifth, and 98.5 percent place themselves in the top half. (Those numbers don’t add up, eh?)

If we’re successful, we tend to credit ourselves for our victories and blame our situation or other people for our losses. This belief triggers an impaired sense of objectivity.  It convinces us that while other people consistently overrate themselves, our own self-assessment is fair and accurate.

Overconfidence. Stubbornness. Magical thinking. Confusion. Resentment.  Procrastination. That’s a lot of heavy baggage to carry on our journey of change.”

So let go… and travel light, my friends!

Sight and light,

DTHT Episode 14 – Want It… Like A Kid At Christmas!

Podcast Opening:

Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 14. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker, leader of self | full time student and part time teacher of self mastery, and today’s theme is “Want It… Like A Kid At Christmas!”.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…

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Summary Description:

Have you ever started down a path that you felt held a great deal of meaning for you, and then for whatever reason you could not move toward the outcome you wanted to create? Whether it was a Mental, Physical, or Spiritual target you sought, it didn’t matter… there was some part of you that refused to move. This podcast is born out of that specific idea. Do The Hard Thing is an exploration in human movement.

Podcast Content:

When was the last time you really wanted something? I mean wanted something so hard you couldn’t rest until you had it?

Aside from getting laid… my experience of most adults is they live on the surface of life in shallow conversations about nothing meaningful,  living in repression… and never allowing themselves to REALLY want much of anything. Certainly not enough to go hard after it.

In Walden… Thoreau  wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats”.

Minks and muskrats are not very brave… And, Thoreau makes a good point when it comes to the ability of the average person to stand up for an idea, a want, or a set of principles they claim to believe in.

They are afraid to speak their minds for fear of offending the wrong person.

You’re a business owner who fears losing a customer, you’re an employee fears losing a job, you’re in a relationship and fear being ostracized… In this explosion of PC culture that has been reborn in American Colleges and Universities, I see repressed people doing their best to make their way in a world dying to be offended for even the smallest slight.

What do you do… how do you live out loud in a world with sensitive ears?

The short answer is: You Don’t. You sedate.

You busy yourself with nonsense, material things, and distractions like the latest trash TV show, or the Constantly Negative News channel that only echos back your existing beliefs with no allowance for reasoning or deeper thought around any given topic.

No wonder the US has the highest use of antidepressants in the world… People are living a lie. Living inauthentically. Living out of integrity with what they really want. And, they can’t figure out why their deepest desires will not be filled with another episode of Real Housewives or Game Of Thrones.

There is hope… though. What if you could erase the fears you’ve created as you’ve grown, and create strategic ways of dealing with problems that allowed you let off steam in a way that puts you back on track?

Think of your younger self… that kid you used to be?

What if you could get in touch with him or her… especially the way you were around Christmas and the holidays. Remember how hard you would want a certain toy?

I was a child of the 70’s and 80’s… and growing up each year at Christmas, all the department stores would mail catalogs out to every home they could knowing full well that this time of year money would be more apt to flow their way if they could plant seeds of desire going into the holiday season.

I vividly remember spending hours flipping pages in the Sears Wishbook… It was like Amazon, but in print. They had every toy and bike you could want. It was like holiday crack for 8 year olds.

My brother and I would pass it back and forth, and circle things we wanted, dog ear the pages, cut pictures out, and anything else we could do to make sure Mom and Dad knew which presents we really wanted. It was a big deal for us… This was the one time of the year where we could load up on stuff. We had to take advantage!

We absolutely bombarded our parents with “I want this, I want that”, we’d show them the photos, we’d tell them how cool each thing was… We were so filled with energy and desire around what we wanted that they didn’t stand a chance. They’d tell us no… My brother and I would complain and cry and get mad, then once we processed that… You guessed it, we just kept on hammering home how cool it would be to have that new GI Joe with swivel arm battle grip, and that new intellivision video game, and that new dyno GT bike.

We were relentless. They’d tell us no again… My brother and I would whine and moan and get mad until we processed it out of our system. Then we’d start the process of wanting all over again.

And guess what, we almost always got everything we wanted and then some!

But why.. What strategy did we unknowingly employ as kids to create such great results under the Christmas tree?

Well, let’s see: First, we identified what we wanted under the tree. The Wishbook was a huge help in this endeavor… filling our heads with all kinds of ways to bankrupt our parents.

Secondly, we got really excited about the possibilities… so much so that we attached emotion to the things we wanted and painted ourselves into the vision of how it would feel to have these things.

Then, we took our desires to the people who could help us fulfill that vision: Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents on both sides.

After we presented our wants to the various people we knew who could help us, we went through the process of rejection… One by one, we collected no’s, we’ll see’s, and maybe’s.

We then processed the negative emotions we felt fully… when we were told no. Meaning whether by pouting, or just acting like little assholes, we experienced the emotion fully so we could release it.

Once we released the emotion… We could get back on task and start the process of wanting all over again, free of distraction and focused on our next angle of attack and influence so that Christmas morning looked like we wanted it to look.

Now, I’m sure you noticed the parallel here. And, how it relates to what you want as an adult.

The problem isn’t that as adults we stop wanting… hell, I want all the time. The problem is that when we meet disappointment or failure or embarrassment, the emotion that we feel we hold onto. Then, we use that emotion to create a story about the situation that justifies us staying exactly where we are now rather than pushing forward.

When, what we really ought to do is process the emotion… experience the situation fully so we can write a new story that empowers us.

Maybe for you that’s yelling, maybe that’s crying, maybe it’s solitude… whatever it is, the only way out is through. And, once you’re through you can see clearly and tell yourself a new story about what happened. See it for what it is and start the process again and again until you get the result you want.

Your ability to persist will depend on the story you tell yourself. If my brother and I told ourselves no matter what we did, we weren’t going to get the Christmas we wanted, then we would’ve quit at the first no. But we didn’t and neither does any kid… they want it too hard. And, they will tell themselves whatever story they need to in order to make their vision a reality. The story I ran with as a kid was if I kept at it, I’d eventually get a maybe, and if I could get a maybe I could get a yes.

So how about you… what are you not allowing yourself to want? What did you go for and get shot down so hard you got embarrassed or pissed off and decided that your story was one of victimhood. And, everytime you think about that time you still feel negative energy around it. You’ve got to do the hard thing and process that shit out of your system. Find a place where you can release, yell, scream, or whatever you need to do without scaring the neighbors so you can fully experience that thing and write a new story that fuels you to want again.

Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Now… go, and DO THE HARD THING.

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DTHT Episode 13 – Honestly Assess Yourself

Podcast Opening:

Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 13. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker, leader of self | full time student and part time teacher of self mastery, and today’s theme is “Honestly Assess Yourself”.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…

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Summary Description:

Have you ever started down a path that you felt held a great deal of meaning for you, and then for whatever reason you could not move toward the outcome you wanted to create? Whether it was a Mental, Physical, or Spiritual target you sought, it didn’t matter… there was some part of you that refused to move. This podcast is born out of that specific idea. Do The Hard Thing is an exploration in human movement.

Podcast Content:

I’m back after a short hiatus… As I mentioned in a previous podcast, the Queen and I hit a target of acquiring a new home and a new cash flow rental property coming into this last quarter and honestly the workload getting moved and reset was more than we both expected.

Couple that with the fact that it took nearly two weeks just get internet access setup at the new pad, and another week or so to get my office setup, I missed about 4 weeks worth of episodes and now I’m in debt to myself and to you guys on this particular venture since my commitment was to have new content coming your way every Monday morning of each new week.

Without fail.

However, I did fail.

That is my honest assessment of myself during this time period.

Some will look at the situation… the move, the lack of internet, the lack of an office, and all the time that went into getting a useful space setup and say, “Well really, you can’t count this as a fail because, hey just look at the circumstances… they were less than ideal.”

And, of course, you’re right. Circumstances were and largely still remain less than ideal. So does that let me off the hook? Does it give me a pass? Does it give me cause to break my commitment to myself and to you by your estimation of the facts?

Now, most of you, being nice people, will most likely say yes… Shit happens and you weren’t able to get it done. No worries.

However, I  would have to disagree and say emphatically, “NO!”.

So, in looking at the situation why might you say “Yes” and I say “No”?

It comes down to how we each assess my performance. If you said yes, what you are really saying is that the story about why I didn’t get the last 4 episodes completed is just as valuable as the result I claimed to want to create.

Yet, when I look at the story and the results I created by missing the last 4 weeks of episodes, I am valuing the results over the story about why it didn’t get done.

Many people in our lives, relationships, businesses, and families have decided to believe if someone comes to us with a “really good reason” as to why they didn’t get something done… That they’ve earned a pass. They should get credit or at least partial credit based on the quality of the story they can tell us about why they didn’t perform.

They focus on the bullshit story about failure and tell you it’s OK that you didn’t perform, because hey, you had good reason.

Rather than looking at the results… which are black and white. When we start examining the thin grey line between and justifying failure we open ourselves up to an infinite number of ways to excuse our lack of achievement.

However, if we are truly masters of ourselves… The way we show up in the world can not be based solely on circumstance.

Will there be circumstances that impede you or cause you to miss deadlines or commitments?

Yes. Of course… That’s just life.

However, It seems that the vast majority of people who live in the land of excuses seldom have a good reason as to why their particular circumstance prevented the outcome they had committed themselves to hitting.

So to be honest and forthright… I count myself among that group in this case. The reality is I have 3 or 4 cell phones. Two of which I use regularly for media and recording. So was it impossible for me to get the work done? Not really.

It was just really, really inconvenient.

I used inconvenience and worry over the tasks needing completion to take me off my game.

I chose to act like a child who refuses to go to bed without his “blanky”…

It’s a way of demanding that everything line up perfectly or else… And if it doesn’t I give myself a pass even though I had the means to make it happen.

Like the child who’s bed is warm and waiting for him, but he refuses to go down because his circumstances look different. So he sabotages himself, depriving himself of sleep… with the his bed empty and waiting for him in his bedroom.

How many times are commitments broken because circumstances change?

But more importantly… how many times do we let people off the hook because they deliver up a good story. At least in their eyes.

When we are dealing with people who are committed to their own growth and vision, we do not do them any favors to allow them to slide. It is not a kindness to allow someone to perform below their capabilities.

You’ve heard of holding people accountable… how about holding people capable?

Not only of accomplishing what they set out to accomplish, also for being able to weather the criticism earned when commitments are broken.,, and for creating a path for rectifying the miss.

What is missed by most of us when we offer up a story… is that we are only serving ourselves.

When I give a narrative instead of results, what I am really doing is seeking to protect my own “looking good” program. I want to save face.

For you, maybe it’s about not being wrong, or about being right… It varies depending on how you show up in the world.

I promise you this, though… I know now that when I show up with excuses or stories, rather than results. I lose face. I bleed power and influence. And you do too.

Power comes from knowing that no matter which way I perform, I own my results. That I am an agent unto myself. Blaming circumstances kills any opportunity you have to have that experience… You don’t get the opportunity to look inside yourself and check in with what the real problem is.

But that’s where you have to start: Inside yourself… introspection. All the answers as to why you do what you do lie there.

The phrase, “Know Thyself” is one of the most underrated expressions, but one that you can use to your advantage if you are serious about your life.

For example: I know a great deal about me. And, one of the things I know about me is that I am not “Johnny Follow-Thru”… Not that I don’t follow through, but it isn’t my forte. I live in the world of the creative and the world of vision. However, without execution creativity and vision doesn’t matter.

It’s just fuzzy thought and pretty words.

I need the freedom of systems to keep me on track… so here’s one you can try: In my gym business at CrossFit North Phoenix, I recently chose into a policy that states if a commitment is broken, it’ll cost you 100 bucks. For everyday it remains broken is another 25.

You can play this game with anyone around any commitment or action, and you’ll learn real quick who’s serious… who makes up excuses not to pay up, and who outright quits because the stakes are too high and they are unwilling to be capable and accountable to something they chose into in the first place.

So where do you fall with all this?

What is one area of your life where you are failing to meet your commitments or obligations that you can identify and start the process of correcting?

How much better would you feel about yourself, if you knew you could trust yourself to follow through… You trusting you, is the beginning of confidence.

Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Now… go, and DO THE HARD THING.

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Core Team Investment 17 – The Rule Of 10

Core Team Investment 17 – The Rule Of 10

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years” – Bill Gates

It has been my experience that to truly master any one thing, or to go to the next level in something takes roughly 10 years of practice.

I was reminded of this as I studied with Garret White this past year at Wake Up Warrior and most recently listening to Andy Frisella who built 1st Phorm into a 100MM dollar company.

In 7 to 10 years in each case.

Personally, a similar happenstance for me… I decided I wanted to be a millionaire by age 36 in my twenties… then, attained a 1.2MM net worth 10 years later.

Then, my ex and I parted ways and I lost almost everything. Not only that, but she sued 3 times over assets we had already agreed to split.

I was now out 40k in lawyer fees, I couldn’t sleep, I had zero familial support, no savings, and I had to sign over 70 acres of land in Georgia that we had purchased to build a home and ranch on.

As much as I hate to admit it, I had suicidal thoughts… during this time, I could totally understand why someone would put a bullet in their own skull.

I was literally sleeping on a cot in a rental property with no floor and I swore that in 5 years I would get back what I lost.

That was 2009.

I had to borrow money just to pay the bills.

I borrowed money to do all the PSI courses totaling over 15 thousand. I spent money I didn’t have on myself so I could create the life I wanted that didn’t exist.

I resigned myself to settle into the process.

2020 will be my 10th year since losing nearly everything.

I fully expect to have regained all my lost footing and then some by then. I have and control more property than I did in 09, but my cash position is shit. So depending on how you look at it maybe I got it back, yet maybe isn’t good enough for me.

10 years…

10 years committed to doing business and learning and growing, spending time in the presence of those who can shorten time frames, creating content, investing in my Queen and my partners along the way, getting fucked (not in a good way) by many I have worked with.

10 fucking years…

I have no intention of quitting.

Know this: On the daily, shit moves slow… Weekly shit moves slow… Monthly shit moves slow… But, consistent motion over time adds up huge!

Re-read the Gates quote.

It’s about patience in the process. Trusting the process you’re in and your skills to figure shit out.

CNP as CNP is almost 2 years old. The business will gross over 110k this year.

FSI as new FSI is 2 months old and we have much to accomplish.

HW as new HW is 6 weeks old and we have much to do.

HW One is not yet a thing, but soon will be.

10 fucking years is the commitment.

Patience and steady motion… NOT complacency, not apathy… is the requirement.

1>0 so celebrate any win you create, any step further down the path, any victory by any member of our merry band.

How will we build this out: By treating every customer as if he is our only customer. What would that look like in terms of service level… how much more likely is that person to advertise for us… to be our biggest fan.

I am here for each of you and I will keep running with all of you. I am committed to what we have discussed for at least 10 years. Are you?

Will you run with this group to create something amazing that you can be proud of for 10 years? Is that worth your energy and effort?

DTHT Episode 12 – How To Leverage Bitcoin For Cash Flow And Mortgage Payments

Podcast Opening:

Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 12. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker and leader of self | full time student and part time teacher of self mastery, and today’s theme is “ow To Leverage Bitcoin For Cash Flow And Mortgage Payments”.

I know that’s a huge claim… So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…

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Summary Description:

Have you ever started down a path that you felt held a great deal of meaning for you, and then for whatever reason you could not move toward the outcome you wanted to create. Whether it was a Mental, Physical, or Spiritual target you sought, it didn’t matter… there was some part of you who refused to move. This podcast is born out of that specific idea. Do The Hard Thing is an exploration in human movement.

Podcast Content:

In the last 2 episode of Do The Hard Thing, I talked about Money and then spoke about responsibility. And, today I am going to combine those two ideas into one method I’m using to generate cash flow from the the crypto currency market using several services.

I want to preface this by telling you up front that I am not a financial advisor nor am I recommending that you do this. I am simply sharing with you what I am personally doing and what my results are at this point. The Crypto currency marketplace is highly volatile and I fully expect 95% of the also ran crypto coins that keep popping up seemingly everyday to be gone in less than a few years.

I have lots of reasons to believe this to be the case, but in the interest of time I will simply give you the relevant information I can regarding the system I’m using so that you can investigate and do your own due diligence to decide if a crypto currency speculation is right for you.

Notice, I said speculation… not investment. There is a difference between those two ideas primarily around how you can exit the trade or receive funds from the trade.

Only you know your financial situation and this market is very risky… so I don’t recommend this strategy because the nature of most people in the modern world is to operate from “I’m not responsible”… for more on that, just listen to episode 11. However, you are responsible for all you do. And, if you invest in a highly volatile market and you lose your hat, shirt, and overcoat as my grandfather would say. It is entirely your fault. You chose into the game, you chose to be subject to the rules of the game.

OK, that said… hopefully, I have sufficiently repelled all the irresponsible, free shit mentality people who might be listening… I’m sure there is a Bernie Sanders podcast awaiting you out there on the interwebs. I wish you well, but this is not for you.

For the rest of you guys, let’s jump into this.

Now, I have no intention of claiming to be an expert on the underlying technologies that run any of the blockchains… whether are a fan of bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dash, monero, litecoin, or any of the rest based on their technical presence is irrelevant to this discussion.

The reason being is I want to focus on cash flow.

Lots of people want to be better off financially, and few people want to Do The Hard Thing and move themselves to understand how money works and how they can multiply their assets in a way that provides stability and freedom.

And, this is a good thing. You should want to be wealthy. You should not hate on people who have made or are making more money that you have seen in your lifetime. Making money is a skill. And, unfortunately its the one skill that is taxed for the purposes of giving the gains of one individual to another individual who is “less fortunate”. There are many skills that require energy and effort as well as a great deal of failure to acquire which are not held in the same light.

The “smart girl” in your chemistry class who gets straight A’s, has put in more reps than you at solving chemical formulas and understanding the basics of the Bohr model. Yet, she is not forced to give you 30% of her points because you chose to drink beer and play quarters in your dorm room with porn playing in the background.

That would be considered unfair, yet we do this type of thing with money and don’t think twice about it. My business partner recently told me that her mother said this during a recent conversation, “Well, the rich just keep getting richer.” And, there is some truth to that. But the smart generally keep getting smarter… It just comes down to where you invest your time. If you learn about money you may never be Warren Buffet, yet you may just get a few rental properties and live a cash flow lifestyle where you own your days.

This is my desire.

Cash flow. Cash is not king… Cash flow is king. And the more cash is flowing your way the freer you are in this life. Cash flow buys you options and allows you to be more of who you are. And, today’s strategy is all about creating cash flow using Bitcoin.

So, I’m going to introduce 2 services to you to pull this off: Coinbase and BitConnect. And using the BitConnect platform, we are going to loan the cash value of our BitCoin to BitConnect’s trading robot which uses the movement in BitCoin Price to generate profit which is then paid out. A portion of which is paid out to you on average at the rate of about 1% a day currently.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You need to buy some Bitcoin. Not to hold and hope it goes up in price… but because you’ll need it for the next step in the chain.
  2. You’ll transfer your Bitcoin to BitConnect.
  3. Once you’re Bitcoin is in your BitConnect Wallet or account, you’ll then use it to buy BitConnect Coin… Their proprietary Coin.
  4. Once you’ve done that, you’ll lend the BCC to the BCC robot for a specified term.
  5. Daily, you’ll receive payouts in cash
  6. You can then take that cash, convert it back to BCC, convert that to BitCoin and sell the BitCoin for cash that you can deposit into your bank account and spend.

So let’s look at some numbers.

I personally have loaned about 7 thousand to the BitConnect Robot. So at an average of 1% paid out per day… it varies. So at this investment level, I should receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 dollars a day on average. This will pay my mortgage and all bills provided the company holds and is not regulated out of existence or a total scam.

Either of those thing can happen.

But let’s say you have only 1 thousand to invest… At 1% on average per day, that’s 10 bucks you got for doing nothing which will cover your morning coffee or your lunch and allow you to keep more of your earned cash in your pocket.

My mentor once told me that the definition of financial freedom is owning assets which pay you. And, when they pay you enough to support your lifestyle you are free. So if you break that down, and just look at your bills. Then each bill you no longer have to pay brings you one step closer to freedom.

As an example, 2 rental properties that I own pay me about 700 a month in cash flow after bills and before taxes, that 700 covers my electric bill, gas bill, water bill, car insurance, home insurance, and some groceries. Those 2 properties required an investment of 100k in cash and debt.

The strategy I just shared with you requires 95% less money for 300% more cash flow in my example using 7k.

And, this is where you have to really Do The Hard Thing… You have to gain control over your mind and all the fears it throws as roadblocks to your advancement. I personally started with 160 dollars just to test the water and have slowly added more funds over time. I won’t add any more ever until this is completely paid out and I have my money back.

Again, I don’t recommend that you do this. This is just an example of what I am doing…

No matter which path you choose in terms of wealth, base your decision on results and move accordingly. My wish for you is that you are successful beyond all your most extravagant dreams. Especially if you’re a good person. Money will make you more of what you are. And, even if you’re a rich asshole… who just loves to buy things and show off. Good! The things you buy and the services your use, keep people employed and their families provided for. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Now… go, and DO THE HARD THING.

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DTHT Episode 11 – I’m Not Responsible Because…

Podcast Opening:

Welcome to Do The Hard Thing Episode 11. I am Jason Archer… creator, freedom seeker and leader of self | full time student and part time teacher of self mastery, and today’s theme is “I’m Not Responsible Because”.

So, turn up the volume, put down the distractions and let’s kick this off…

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Summary Description:

Have you ever started down a path that you felt held a great deal of meaning for you, and then for whatever reason you could not move toward the outcome you wanted to create. Whether it was a Mental, Physical, or Spiritual target you sought, it didn’t matter… there was some part of you who refused to move. This podcast is born out of that specific idea. Do The Hard Thing is an exploration in human movement.

Podcast Content:

In today’s environment among a great many people I interact with on a cursory basis outside of my primary circle, there is a common thread woven through much of words I hear fall from their lips… And they boil down to one singular idea: I’m not responsible because…

I’m not responsible for being here on time because traffic was bad. It’s not my fault for missing my deadline because the guys in accounting didn’t get the reports to me in time. Don’t blame me for dinging your car, because you parked too close to the line… I’m not responsible because [insert your excuses or reasons here].

It can be maddening if you let it.

I have literally had people will look me straight in the face and tell me what they can do and when they can have it done, and then turn around and break their word without even so much as an acknowledgement or a commitment to regain any lost trust created in those moments.

I recently had a woman join my gym here in Phoenix, then later quit a few days from her renewal date. Cool. No problem… Yet she got upset when we charged her for the upcoming month. You see we don’t do contracts we simply ask for a 15 notice which is clearly notated on the documents she signed her name to… And, rather than openly discuss her issue with the charge, her first move was to dispute the charge with the credit card company and when that didn’t work, she decided to leave a 1 star review on our Google Reviews.

You see, according to her she shouldn’t be responsible for that last payment because her circumstances changed. And, because her circumstances changed, in her mind she was no longer on the hook for anything she agreed to.

Yet, I submit to you this, gentle listener… You are always responsible, because nobody gives a shit about your reasons for failure.

And, that is how it should be.

Your reasons do not change the consequences the people face when you break your word. When you make a commitment, you create an expectation. That expectation is then used by anyone tied to your commitment to make commitments of their own.

You do not want to be the broken link in this chain of commitment, if you are you will soon find that rather than working to fix that broken link, it is simply removed or replaced in order to create strength in the potential for outcomes that serve everyone involved.

These people who are “Not Responsible Because” keep law offices in business and are the reason contracts are required when dealing with anything significant.

You’ll know this all too well, if you’ve purchased a home and secured a loan… As my wife and I recently did.

There were more than 100 pages of deed, title, escrow and financing documents signed in the presence of a Notary that we were required to execute or there was no deal.


Now I signed the contract… I chose into the deal… the bank doesn’t care what happens in my life, it doesn’t care about my circumstances… It simply expects payment on the first of the month. I wouldn’t be able to send in a note saying the dog ate my checkbook, how about you let me out of the mortgage I agreed pay, surely you can see I’m not responsible for that payment, Mr Banker Guy.


And whether I pay the bank or not… I am responsible for the outcome. I make my payments and keep the home or I don’t make my payment and lose the home, I am responsible. Either outcome is on me and no one else. And, that is how it should be because that is what I agreed to up front.

No matter how many sad stories I can come up with to tug on heartstrings.

If we take this concrete example of our new home purchase further, it looks like this: not only did I choose to buy another home and obligate myself to the bank, I am already obligated to another bank for a second loan on the existing home we currently live in.

We chose to keep this home in addition to the new purchase because we want to create a rental property.

So being the enterprising person that I am I jumped on the process of getting this place rented. In just about a week, I had it rented to a wonderful woman with a young child and committed to them to have this place move in ready in just a few weeks.

No problem… the new place is only a mile away and we don’t have that much stuff to move so shouldn’t be a problem.

Yet, I forgot to tell you about the fact that the new place is being remodeled and has no usable kitchen or bathrooms, or flooring, or paint, or any other creature comfort you can imagine wanting in place in order to separate your lifestyle under a roof from the lifestyle of a homeless man under a bridge.

Naturally, I put a few guys to work over there as soon as I could. We agreed on tasks, on price, and on deadlines… However, the result is the work is not done and it’s well past its completion date.

I have no place to live… and I have to get out of this house in order to meet my obligation to my tenant.

Who’s responsible?

Do I call up this woman and tell her it’ll be another month because it’s not my fault the work isn’t done? How might that go over? She’s living with her sister and her sister is expecting her to be out so she can reclaim her home and entertain people for the upcoming holidays. Does she tell her sister its not her fault that I didn’t move out on time? Those people coming for the holidays have made travel plans. Does the sister call up her guests and tell them it’s not her fault she doesn’t have space?

By choosing not to accept responsibility and find a solution, we pass our problems onto other people.

And, this has become the norm in the US.

The rationale is that if your excuse is “good enough” you can absolve yourself of doing what you agreed to do. You can pass the buck to the next guy or gal and they’ll just have to deal with it.

And, at some point… someone will have to deal with it. Someone will have to Do The Hard Thing and pay the piper. That fucker always gets paid.

But the real cost is price we pay when we choose not to be responsible for our outcomes. Whether it’s in the form of lost authority, lost trust, broken relationships, or worst of all… that feeling of knowing that we allowed others to pay the price for our mistakes and missteps.

When we choose the path of irresponsibility, we bleed power… we bleed self worth… we bleed influence and efficacy in the eyes of others, but far more importantly in our own view of our self and our capabilities.

We create misery for ourselves.

And, how could we not… When we think the results we create are always at the mercy of another person’s actions or behavior, what we are really saying is that we have no control of our lives and destiny. We become victims.

Those are your choices… you can choose victimhood or responsibility.

If you really want to separate yourself from the herd, you’ll do what you said you would do to best of your ability. That doesn’t mean perfection. That’s not what this about. We will all fail… and when that happens owning that failure is what elevates you.

So to answer the question above regarding who is responsible in my situation… There is only one answer. And, that is me. I am responsible.

I will find a way to make this property available to the coming tenant, even if it means sleeping on a cot in the new house and putting my stuff in storage. I am responsible for the work not getting done over there. I hired it out. I let too much time go by before making another decision and it’s not ready. That’s on me.

I will not pass that failure on to anyone else. I will find a way to keep my word. And, in the end… I will continue to grow through the experience. To Do The Hard Thing is be the same person in ease as I am in distress. Circumstance can not be allowed to cause me to step outside myself… should that happen I would not be the person I claim to be at my core. I would be inauthentic and out of integrity.

So my question to you is simply this: Where in your life have you allowed yourself to be out of alignment with your words and your actions… maybe you show up late all the time, or you don’t practice living the way you expect others in your life to live, or maybe it’s something deeper altogether… maybe you seek approval from others rather than being true to your core beliefs because you want to be well liked and not shoulder the responsibility of what your life would look like if people knew the real you.

Whatever it is… explore it and get to work correcting it. Step into the power you were born express in this life by taking on the responsibility of showing up as the best you… you can be.

Podcast Closing:

That’s it for today! Thank you for listening, and if you found value in this message be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Google, Castbox, or Stitcher  | Share this with those you know need to hear it on social | And I’ll see you back here in the next episode | This is Jason Archer signing off | Now… go, and DO THE HARD THING.

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