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Core Team Investment 5

Life is a harsh teacher… and a fair one.

She will give us the same result each time we give her the same effort.

In repeated failure of friendly or romantic relationships, failure of physical outcomes as they relate to our bodies or our business, or failures to connect with the power we each possess, Nature says “do something different, for the common denominator is you.”

Failure is a gift. It’s designed to break poor ineffective habits.

Fail as fast as you can… and reap the lessons quickly. Life is a sprint and will be over soon.

Do not dwell on the habits which create failure, use failure to change your habits.

“Failure is used by nature as a common language in which she chastises people when they neglect to adapt themselves to her laws.” – The Devil from Outwitting The Devil by N. Hill

Core Team Investment 4

I was exposed to a phrase that impacted me on my journey greatly… And, at the time, I probably didn’t have a full understanding of the power of the words:

“The only way out… is through.”


Meet The Four Thinkers:

Which one will you be?

Core Team Investment 3

The importance of our circles and their evolution.

Why do some relationships fall by the wayside when we begin to grow and expand into ever changing versions of ourselves?

All relationships are a value proposition… the wife, the venture partners, the relatives, the employees, the coach, et al… each has its own flow. Its own give and take. And, its own purpose.

Each relationship begins under a set of circumstances that will not remain the same over time… and may not exist at all at some point.

So as we expand, we lose site of what was and begin to focus on what is and what can be. Ultimately changing oir relationship parameters with each person in our lives forever.

When we change, we FORCE change in any who choose to go with us… most will stay where they are because our growth is a perceived threat.


“People don’t like it when you change because the ways they use to manipulate you stop working.” – Wyatt Woodsmall

Core Team Investment 2

The Law Of Compensation: For every gain, there is a loss… and for every loss there is a gain.

In order to recieve what we desire from the universe, we must be willing to trade something of ourselves. And when something is lost to us, there is an equivalent gain. 

It’s easy to focus on loss, yet there is always a gift inside what seems lost.
Find the gift… 

Business success is this concept in motion. We are trading our time and skills to serve others who value what we do enough to pay us.
They will come and go… the question is what is the gift they give us when they go? What do they require of us when they come in?

And… How can we grow no matter which way they flow?

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 ~ 1882) explains compensation in clear terms: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Again, in his journal dated January 8, 1826, he writes, “The whole of what we know is a system of compensations. Every defect in one manner is made up in another. Every suffering is rewarded; every sacrifice is made up; every debt is paid.”

Core Team Investment 1

Asking great questions is a key component to any form of creation. Each of us has at the least, a fuzzy idea of what is it we are capable of doing as a unit.

The most powerful question i have been presented with in this context is:

“Who must I become?”

Think on it… and ponder the implications as you each have a powerful and productive day.